BlueCrow Development Fund I

BlueCrow Development Fund I, FCR

The Fund as a whole – alongside its respective Subfunds – is focused on investing in commercial societies or entrepreneurial projects with high potential for growth and development, with at least 60% of investment targeted at SMEs based in Portugal, endowing them with the financial tools necessary for elaborating and implementing their development strategies.

To meet our client base’s differing investment requirements, we identify potential opportunities and provide a fully integrated investment approach.

The Fund is structured in five Subfunds, with each Subfund’s investment activity focused on projects of Capital Expansion, Management Buy-In & Buy-Out, Buy and Build and Restructuring.

Why you should invest in Portugal?

Portugal is currently one of the most attractive destinations in Europe as a result of its welcoming culture, itself aided by a complex past of historical geopolitical interaction around the world. This has helped result in a structured economy with strong ties internationally, as well as with the necessary infrastructure to connect it to commercial hubs around the world.

Portugal further benefits from a privileged geoeconomic position; it is known for its mild climate, safety, minimally-stable political system, rich gastronomy, and some of Europe’s best beaches.

Portfolio charaterisation

Through this Fund and its Subfunds, Bluecrow provides investment opportunities in strategic and dynamic fields like real estate, agriculture, and football.

What is Golden Visa?

The primary advantage in obtaining a Golden Visa through investment funds is in the liberty of choosing where in Portugal to direct said funds, with eligibility across sectors and/or locations. With the changes to the ARI Golden Visa legislation, effective as of January 2022, investors are blocked from acquiring residential real estate for Golden Visa purposes in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto, as well as in Coastal Zones like the Algarve.


By acquiring the Golden Visa residence permit you will have a series of benefits:  


  • Possibility to live and work in Portugal for 5 years:  
    • For the entire household;  
    • You can also obtain a permanent residence permit after this period, with no limit of validity.  
  • Free movement in the whole Schengen area.