10 September 2020
BlueCrow Innovation Fund IV

The fourth venture capital fund in the Innovation series is now accepting subscriptions

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The venture capital funds from the Innovation series are invested in industrial projects by Portuguese entrepreneurs, recognised as reliable research and development (R&D) partners by the Agência Nacional de Inovação (National Innovation Agency) under the scope of SIFIDE (Tax Incentive System for Business R&D).

The series invests preferentially in national R&D industrial projects based on sustainability and operating mainly in the areas of bioeconomy and innovative production technologies.

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Main indicators:

  • Capital raised up to 2019
  • €32,600,000
  • Capital invested
  • 42.52% in 4 companies
  • In progress
  • 25.36% in 2 companies
  • Projects analysed
  • 100+
  • Average of
  • € 1.84 spent on R&D for each € 1.00 of capital invested