BlueCrow Innovation Fund V

BlueCrow Innovation Fund V, FCR

The BlueCrow Innovation Fund V, FCR (the “Fund”) is in its second subscription year and is the fifth in this Venture Capital Fund series, which has been a pioneer in Portugal since 2017. The Fund is authorised to raise up to €140M in investment and has €64M available to be obtain in 2023.


The Fund operates with Venture Capital and follows an investment policy in line with the other VCFs in this series, with a preference for supporting industrial projects by appropriate Portuguese R&D entrepreneurs recognized by the Portuguese Innovation Agency.


The preferred target markets involve solutions to decarbonize the economy and to increase levels of self-sufficiency in the supply of healthy food and in the correct use of renewable biological resources, promoting biodiversity and the protection of the environment.


By investing in these sectors, the Fund intends to:


  • protect and strengthen our local independence and access to essential goods for basic needs,
  • stimulate national entrepreneurship;
  • contribute towards retaining talent and creating new, highly qualified jobs, allowing our companies to gain international relevance.

Opportunities under analysis