» What is a Portfolio company?

A Portfolio company is a national industrial and/or R&D project operating in the areas of bioeconomy and innovative production technologies, in which BlueCrow has decided to invest.

» How is the investor profile defined?

The investor profile is a classification that defines a person’s behaviour when investing money. It is a way to define the types of funds chosen, which can be applications with lower risk or higher chance of losses. This classification is a requirement of the Securities and Exchange Commission (CMVM – Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários), the body responsible for regulating the investment market.

1 – Conservative – Demonstrates concern with capital preservation;

2 – Moderate – Aims to achieve returns slightly above risk-free interest rates and is willing to assume small capital losses;

3 – Dynamic – Seeks to achieve returns over risk-free interest rates and is willing to take moderate capital losses;

4 – Bold – Someone who already has a deeper knowledge of financial markets, is looking to achieve returns significantly higher than risk-free interest rates and is willing to take the risk of total loss.

» What is a unit trust?

The Securities Investment Funds or Undertakings for Collective Investment (OIC) are financial instruments that allow investors to invest their savings on a joint basis, with professional management, with objectives and investment strategies previously defined, thus allowing them access to a greater diversity of investments. Investment in UCI is titled in units (UP), valued daily.

» What are Venture Capital Funds?

Venture Capital Funds are autonomous assets which do not have legal personality, belonging to the group of holders of the respective units, with the purpose of being invested in companies with high growth and appreciation potential for limited periods. Investors participate in venture capital through investment funds or directly.

» What is a Fund share vs Unit of Participation ?

Fund shares are unit portions which represent the subscribers’ investment in the capital of an investment fund. The Management Company of the fund fractions the total investment it receives from its subscribers into indivisible units.

The total value of your investment = Number of shares * Value of shares

» What is the Enterprise Mortality Rate?

The enterprise mortality rate is defined as the relationship between companies declaring bankruptcy in a determined period with the total existing enterprises in said period.

» Which documents are mandatory for Fund’s subscription?


  • Filled and signed subscription form
  • Investor profile form filled and signed
  • Certified copy of identification document (Passport/CC)
  • Proof of address (e.g., utility bill)
  • Portuguese tax ID number (NIF)
  • Employment proof
  • Proof of income (e.g., tax return, bank statement)
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of Portuguese bank account
  • In case there is a Proxy representing the investor – Presentation of the Power of Attorney (PoA) and respective certified copy document of identification


  • Subscription form completed and signed
  • Completed and signed investor profile form
  • Permanent Certificate of Commercial Registry
  • Shareholder structure (with identification of the partners owning more than 5%)
  • Effective beneficiaries list as well as the following documentation of said beneficiaries:
    • Certified identification document (Passport/CC)
    • Proof of address (e.g., utility bill)
    • Portuguese tax ID number (NIF)
    • Employment proof
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of Portuguese bank account