BlueCrow, as a result of the Portuguese legislation in force, recognizes the importance of creating a channel for reporting irregularities to establish and foster a culture of corporate responsibility.

In this way, we have provided means for our employees and other stakeholders (shareholders, service providers, suppliers and other parties) to report any irregularity they consider relevant.

The irregularities that must be reported using these means must be related to the issues of money laundering and terrorist financing, corruption, fraud, data protection and confidentiality, conflicts of interest, employment issues and others arising from obligations established by law.

All complaints will be treated confidentially, and it is possible to remain anonymous using any channels provided for reporting irregularities.

Complaints may be submitted through the following channels:

• Filling out the form provided;
• By certified mail with acknowledgment of receipt, addressed to the Compliance and Internal Control Department, at:

Compliance & Internal Control Department
Avenida Duque D´Ávila 141 4ºEsq , 1050-081, Lisbon, Portugal

You can consult our Irregularities Reporting Policy, which sets out in detail how the complaints received are processed, stored and registered

Please complete the form if you wish to report/communicate irregularities.

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