09 September 2020
New BlueCrow Brand

September was the month chosen by BlueCrow to present its new image and new website to its clients and to the market!

Marketing is governed by consistency and some irreverence, but essentially by the clarity of the message it sends about the brand’s identity and guiding principle. Brands must be able to incorporate these values, reinforcing the positioning and highlighting the dynamics of the companies.

Therefore, we were sure that revamping a 10-year-old brand would be a complex challenge of reflection and managing expectations and sensitivities.

The brand thought up and designed in 2010 had the word BlueCrow in sober lettering, with a shield instead of the letter “o”. The Blue Crow itself recalls Norse mythology, inspired by Odin, where the crows are fundamental guiding elements for the success of his kingdom, and the shield symbolises protection and safety. This combination of elements sought to highlight the nature of the company’s business, with the central goal of protecting our clients’ investments with vision and pragmatism.

Later, in 2017, when the Venture Capital area was introduced, a new logo was added, a striped blue crow. The symbology of the crow was still in line with the initial concept and the stripes were a clear allusion to Venture Capital.

This logo, although praised by several clients, was abandoned, as we believed that having two logos, one for each business area, was not strategic. Thus, under the slogan “one team, one brand”, the logo created when the company was founded, it continued to thrive for a few more years, as a unifying element of BlueCrow.

But we knew that this logo no longer had the strength to transmit the dynamics and scope of the BlueCrow of 2020 and it certainly wouldn’t be able to show the BlueCrow we want to be in 2030.

We know that our goals today are bigger, more demanding and more challenging. We believe that we’re more prepared, we have a clearer vision and we know the path we’re going to take.

What we needed now was a new image, modern and energetic, capable of echoing our positioning. But at the same time, we wanted this to be an evolving transition, never disrupting, seeking to add new dynamics while honouring our history, which we are very proud of.

With this commitment defined, we challenged MUSA and TRANSGLOBAL to bring our intent to life and achieve this ideal of positioning.

In the year BlueCrow is celebrating its 10th anniversary and after 6 months of developments, we will be presenting our new brand, our new website and a new Reserved Area on 24 September 2020.


A new image based on the concepts of sustainability and transparency, pillars of the BlueCrow intent, but also inspired by focus, determination and innovation.

Or, as MUSA would say…

“The goal of the new BlueCrow brand is to reflect the main values of the company, effectively communicating its skill and expertise in managing funds credibly and transparently.

The crow, symbolising wisdom and acumen, with its head turned to the side, reveals an alert posture with an eye to the future. It is shown surrounded by a shield, acting as an element of protection and safety.

Transmitting reliability and innovation through simple, modern graphic language, BlueCrow is a brand that inspires trust in investors.”

At the same time as the presentation of the new brand, the new website was also launched, more intuitive, agile, dynamic and informative.

In the words of TRANSGLOBAL…

“With a new image to present to the market, BlueCrow has challenged Transglobal to develop a new website in line with the new brand. The brief was clear: a clean, modern, user friendly website that is appealing and functional for its users. Apart from its institutional areas – Products & Services, BlueCrow, Team and Contacts – a Reserved Area was developed, tailor-made for the needs of the company and its clients, with an assurance of data security and where each user has their own access.

The website has been optimised for the mobile version and was developed using the most recent programming features on a platform that’s easy to use, which is also important for maintenance and content updating.”
BlueCrow is reintroducing itself to its clients and the market, with new dynamics and the same desire to “Extend your vision”.